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Covid-proof property viewings

The latest, best & most affordable solution to Matterport

What Are Real Estate Virtual Tours?


Virtual tours are the ultimate influencers in real estate media.


At the click of a button your viewers can explore a property as if they were actually there, in a 360 / 3D simulation.

Viewers take full control and can walk through your property at their own leisure, step-by-step, from anywhere in the world.

We take care of everything from photography - to tour building - to delivery.


Dramatically increase your rate of sales, effortlessly.

Is it complicated to embed?



Most agencies have Google Maps embedded onto their listings. Adding a virtual tour works the exact same way.

Compatible with your website, as well as 3rd party sites such as Rightmove.


Step 1: We attend the property to take the necessary photographs.


Step 2: A few days later you will be given a code to embed the tour into your webpage window.



Try this article from Sotheby’s.

An £18 million condo that was listed for over a year that sold within 2 weeks after a virtual tour was added to its listing!


That’s the impact a virtual tour has on property sales.


We are so confident our virtual tours will help sell your properties that we charge differently from other tour-makers too...


We simply charge 0.1% of the properties selling value.

(e.g. We charge £300 for a property that sells at £300,000).

Properties in Central London can benefit from exclusive rates


Valued over £2,500,000     -     0.02%


Valued between £1,000,000 - £2,499,999     -     0.03%


Under £999,999     -     0.1% 

Contact us about commercial & industrial virtual tours.

Why Use Virtual Tours?

The National Association of Estate Agencies recently found:


  • More than half of adults who use the internet have taken a virtual tour.

  • 54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has virtual images.

  • 50% found virtual tours very useful in making their decision.


These figures back up an additional finding from a study, that found listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views than those without virtual tours.

In addition, Property Week found that virtual tours reduce the number of wasted viewings by 40% which means they are responsible for increasing the likelihood of visitors closing a sale while navigating on a given website.

Lastly, Planet Home’s ‘Trend Study’ concluded that 75% of potential customers and visitors consider a virtual tour to be a major decision-making tool before proceeding to a purchase.

It’s clear that virtual tours are becoming a vital part of marketing for both businesses and homes.

More reasons:


  • Virtual tours offer a fully interactive and entertaining platform for your viewers to explore your property listing at their own pace & leisure.


  • This creates a stress-free viewing sensation that isn’t time-restricted, and doesn’t include an agent which some people may find to be an anxious experience.


  • Sales are much faster, dramatically decreasing the chance of having to reduce the property value.

  • The agents time is no longer wasted on showing properties to people that ultimately won’t buy.

  • It helps the viewer gather an insight that can only be matched by a physical viewing.

  • The platform keeps the viewer enticed, and the property at the forefront of their investment shortlist.

  • Covid-proof property viewings, keeping you, the viewer and the homeowner safe.

"Everyone Uses Matterport"



Matterport aren’t the only virtual tour service on the market any more, and aren’t even offering a high quality product or service!


Matterport have fully automatic cameras that do all the work. The ‘photographer’ doesn’t have to do anything. This makes Matterport an expensive camera to operate, and it is reflected in your bill.

However, we found that Matterport cameras have less than half the pixels of our SLR cameras, and are missing several basic features.

Meaning you pay more, for less!

Go Virtual UK is different.


We use top spec SLR cameras with a fisheye lens, and techniques taught to us by Google corporation themselves.


As a result we create virtual tours to a much higher standard. Something that any photographic project should aim for.


As passionate photographers with a background that includes working for Google Street View, we craft our tours completely manually for the best possible quality.

Covid-proof viewings, now faster than ever

During times like these, it's great to know that with our help, estate agencies can still offer full property viewings to potential buyers directly from the property listing.

As your agencies 3rd party representative we are fully PPE protected and have no need to touch anything in the sellers home.

Our photographers are regularly tested for Covid. They also have a mask, gloves and hand sanitizer at all times.

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