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Covid-proof property viewings
The latest, best & most affordable solution to Matterport

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Virtual tours are the ultimate influencers in real estate media.


At the click of a button viewers can explore your property like they were actually there, in a 360 / 3D simulation.

Viewers take full control and can walk through the property freely, step-by-step, from anywhere in the world.

Just invite us over and we'll take care of the rest.

Dramatically increase your rate of sales, effortlessly.


We like to keep things simple.


We charge a percentage of the homes selling price instead of the usual square-foot plan.

Valued under £999,999 = 0.1%

Between £1m - £2,499,999 = 0.03%

Over £2.5m = 0.02%

Contact us about commercial & industrial virtual tours.


Virtual Tour Case Studies

The National Association of Estate Agencies recently found:


  • More than half of adults who use the internet have taken a virtual tour.

  • 54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has virtual images.​


A study on also found that:

  •  Listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views than those without virtual tours.

  • Virtual tours reduce the number of wasted viewings by 40% - (Property Week).

  • 75% of people consider virtual tours to be a major decision-making tool before proceeding with a purchase - (Planet Home’s ‘Trend Study’).

It’s clear that virtual tours are a vital part of marketing for home sellers and agencies.

Our research

  • Virtual tours are an interactive and entertaining platform that allow home buyers to explore property listing at their own pace & leisure.

  • This creates a stress-free viewing sensation that isn’t time-restricted and increases website engagement.


  • Homes sell much faster, decreasing the chance of having to reducing the house price.

  • The agencies time is no longer wasted on showing properties to people that ultimately won’t buy.

  • It helps the viewer gather an insight that can only be matched by a physical viewing.

  • The platform keeps the viewer enticed, and the property at the forefront of their investment shortlist.

  • Covid-proof property viewings, keeping you, the viewer and the homeowner safe.

We are anti-Matterport

Matterport is a dominant product in the real estate industry, which practically creates virtual tours automatically.

The user simply presses a button and the tour is made for them.

This makes Matterport a very expensive product to run, which is reflected back on the client's pocket.


Most Matterport videos on YouTube focus on how owners can make fast cash, rather than making a high quality virtual tour.

So far all these traits go against everything we stand for as professional photographers.

In terms of technical quality, we found that Matterport cameras have less than half of the pixels our SLR cameras have.

Their tours also have none of the features we see as valuable assets that should be a standard in a virtual tour, such as:

- The agencies company logo represented.

- No hosting fees.

- The ability to look up or down.

- Both 360 poles being visible / full 360 pictures.

- Sharp, quality imagery.

- No pixilation the moment you zoom in.

- Editing out dirt, scuffs or mess that shouldn't be seen by a tour viewer.

- Censoring the public caught in the images.

- Editing out the cameras reflection & shadow.

- Menu graphics that represent the agency, not Matterport.

- Additional media buttons such as videos, audio narration, information boxes & web links.

Even after all these points, we are still cheaper than some Matterport users!

Why you shouldn't use Matterport to create your virtual tour
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Matterport - Reflections.jpg
We use Canon SLR's for superior virtual tour quality

Go Virtual UK is different.


- We use high-spec SLR cameras.

- We photograph the property ourselves.

- We create the 360 pictures & the tour by hand.

- We use techniques learned from working for Google Maps themselves.

- We customize our tours to identify with the agency.

- We remove anything you don't want the viewer to see.

- We can add all of your other media elements to the tour for a more complete package.

- We don't charge you for hosting fees.

As passionate photographers, we put tour quality first.