How often does Google Street View update?

You may have been lucky enough to spot a Google Street View car wandering around in your neighborhood some time in the last decade. The odds of seeing one are in-fact incredibly rare as they are always on the move, and you may only have a few seconds to notice them.

One of the most common questions a Street View Operator hears from the public is "Why has my street not been updated?" Usually because Google Maps still shows your house with a car on the driveway you sold five years ago.

How often does Google Street View update?
Google Street View car capturing roads in central London.

The operation of updating Street View country-wide depends greatly on the country you live in. For the purposes of this article we can only speak on behalf of the UK.

In the United Kingdom & Ireland, Google Street View is updated once per year. This is usually between the Spring - Autumn period when there is less chance of rainfall and the most amount of work can be carried out.

They operate during this time because there's more opportunities to take 360 photographs whilst there's less rain and the days are longer. But also because the Street View cameras are still a huge piece of technological equipment, meaning they would easily break in the cold, damp temperatures the UK experiences during Winter.

How often does Google Street View update?
Street View image of a residential area in Manchester, UK. Captured by Google in 2014 which still displays as their latest image in 2021.

During the Winter, the Google Street View cars are normally sent into storage until the next project can begin. The Google Trekker which is a backpack camera identical to the one on top of the cars (and used in places the cars can't drive on) follows the same project scope, but will most likely be used in countries with better climates during the British Winter. The cars are places in storage and are not shared with other countries because they have right-hand steering wheels.

There is a website available where you can learn if Google Maps / Google Street View will be updating your area:

Scroll down to the table and select your country to find out where Google are working on updating Street View.

Google won't give you exact details of times or roads they will be updating though. This is information that only the driver / operator knows, and usually doesn't know themselves until they are driving it.

The details are also quite vague to assure the safety of the Street View Operator from being ambushed by criminals.

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