How do I get Google to update my road on Google Street View?

One of the most common questions a Street View Operator will hear from the public is "Why hasn't Google Street View updated my road?"

It's a good question, and weirdly it isn't one that Google are willing to answer. From Google's perspective though it's understandable why they wouldn't have a one-answer-fits-all solution because the answer can get quite complex.

First barrier to overcome is based on where you live. Google Maps will update Street View using the Street View cars every year over a seven month national project across the United Kingdom & Ireland.

For other countries this may not be the case. You may live somewhere that is updated all-year-round or your country may have only been a one-off. This might be the case for countries that don't have its own Google headquarters.

We can only confirm operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland with the following information...

How do I get Google to update my road on Google Street View?
A time lapse of Street View being added to Google Maps.

How Google decides where to map?

Over the course of a year Google is collecting data from Street View (analytics) to see what roads people are clicking on and taking a closer look at.

When the time comes to start planning a new annual project, Google will use the analytics from the previous year to decide on what they should update. For most annual projects the roads with the most views are the ones that get updated.

So why has your road not been updated since 2015? This simplest answer is your road is not being viewed on Google Street View, no one is clicking on it.

Google has a fleet of Street View Operators that will drive around their region all Summer but after seven months they will have only scratched the surface of the total amount of roads in your area. There is absolutely no chance they could map every road in the country within a year, which is why they need to prioritise their seasonal projects on roads being viewed regularly.

It would be a waste of time and resources for Google to update roads that are not being viewed.

So how do you ask Google to map your road?

The best way is to go on Google Street View and start clicking on your road... a lot.

Based on the information provided in this article you can grab Google's attention by contributing to their data analytics. If people are clicking on your road on Street View, that data will be collected by Google and they will see that people are viewing a road with an outdated Street View tour.

How do I get Google to update my road on Google Street View?
Google collecting data from Street View to see where people are viewing the most.

There's sadly no magic form you can fill out to ask Google to visit your street, so the best advice is to use their data collection as a way to get noticed. They simply don't have the resources to update roads around the world as & when we request it.

A final thought on this question though, remember that Google provides this under their own time, energy & resources. We don't pay them for Google Maps / Street View services, so it's important to show gratitude for having this incredibly useful platform at all.

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