Does Google Street View have history?

There is a function on Google Street View where you can go backwards in time and look at views from the road of a previous year.

Simply log into Google Maps and view a street using the Street View function.

Once you're on a road viewing it from the perspective of the road or footpath, you'll notice a couple of options in the top-left corner of the screen which states which road you are on, as well as when the photograph was taken.

If you click on the date the photo was taken it will open a timeline of all the Street View 360's published over the years.

Does Google Street View have history?
Google Street View timeline option

In some cases there might not be a timeline option available because not every road is remapped year-on-year. This was covered in a previous blog we made about how often Google updates the roads on Street View.

With each Google project they usually focus on updating roads that are viewed the most often before focusing on roads viewed less often.

The most popular roads tend to have at least five or eight timelines available where you can view the roads from the years prior to the current one.

Have a go for yourself and see the difference a few years can make in some of the most developing areas of the world.

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