Who Are Go Virtual UK?

Go Virtual UK (founded in July 2018) is a 360 virtual tour company based in the North West of England, and operates across the UK.

We are renowned for raising the standards of virtual tour quality.

Using high-spec cameras, software and hand-crafted editing techniques has separated our virtual tours from most competitors across the globe.


We are the only virtual tour service in the UK to have highly experienced photographers from Google Maps themselves.

All this means we create world-leading virtual tours and VR videos that will entice and entertain your audience into visiting you.

Why Choose Us?


Our Founder & Director, Richard Gill, is a direct photographer from Google Maps themselves.

Since his career in 360 photography began in 2014 he's toured 7 countries on behalf of Google, and is currently one of just TWO Specialist Street View Photographers in the UK, and one of four in Europe.

Due to this level of experience and passion for virtual tours we have been able to develop our services to create some of the best virtual tours in the world.

Google Street View Trekker - Go Virtual UK Founder

What We Do Better

- Every 360 picture is meticulously hand-crafted and manually perfected instead of using underwhelming, automatic 360 cameras.

- We use high-end SLR cameras, software & techniques taught to us by Google Maps themselves to maximise creativity & quality.

- The nadir is edited to create truly full 360 imagery.

Lateo Boutique

- We abide by the Human Rights Act of public privacy by censoring all faces and car registration plates before publishing your tour.

- We brush out any dirt, scuffs or security risks you don't want people to see, to make your property looking at its absolute best.

Most other virtual tour creators abide to none of these traits.