Who are Go Virtual UK

Go Virtual UK (founded July 2018) is a commercial media production company based in Manchester, England.

Using world class 360 technology and industry training, we create virtual tours and VR videos to entice and entertain your target audience into experiencing your services or products first-hand.

Our Goal

Go Virtual UK's goal is simple...

1. Bring everyone to you.

2. Be far cheaper than SEO marketing.

3. As well as twice the success rate.

Our Team

Richard Gill

Founder & Chief Director

I am one of the UK's official Street View photographers.

After a fruitful career spanning over a decade in the media industry, working for the likes of the BBC and Sky; by sheer luck I found myself touring Europe on behalf of Google Maps directly.

It wasn't until I landed the job I realised who I was working for.

Five years later I decided that I'd found my calling in life, and yet I wanted to do more... much more! Not only for myself but for others as well.

I began to develop Go Virtual UK and it wasn't long before people were taking a real interest in what I was doing. I created several Street View tours of my own using what I had learned at Google, and proved to the world how effective it was in terms of a marketing strategy.

We've developed massively in a very short space of time, especially at the dawn of 2020, and the projects ahead I find very exciting to be a part of.

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Natalie Rudeck


My name is Natt, I am a freelance photographer based in the North West of England, UK.

My career in photography officially started in 2017 after studying and working within the music industry.

Since then I have worked with a variety of successful brands around the UK, but found my niche within venue and interior photography. My passion is to create an image that captures the atmosphere of the venue.


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