Who are Go Virtual UK?

Go Virtual UK (founded July 2018) is a commercial media production / marketing company based in the North West of England.

We are the only virtual tour company in the UK to use top of the line SLR cameras for maximum quality, and to have training from Google themselves.

Meaning we create world-leading virtual tours and VR videos to entice and entertain your audience into experiencing you and your services first-hand.

Why Choose Us?

Founder Richard Gill is a direct contractor for Google Maps.

Since 2014 he's been one of just six Google Street View Photographers considered to be a senior contractor. On an annual basis he tours the entirety of the UK (and sometimes Europe) creating or updating the 360 images on Google Maps.

Due to this level of training we've take Google's guidance as base-knowledge and made our tours even better; making our content some of the best in the world.

What We Do Better

- Every 360 image is meticulously edited.

Most competitors simply publish raw images.

- We use high-end SLR cameras and specialised adapters for  the best photo quality.

Our competitors tend to use low-end 360 cameras.

- The nadir under our tripod is edited to create a full 360 picture.

Our competitions never edit this area.

- We abide by the Human Rights Act of public privacy 1998 by automatically censoring faces and car registration plates.

Around half of other tour creators don't.

- We edit out anything you'd class as unappealing such as dirt, scuffs, security cameras or general mess; making your property look at its absolute best.

Most competitors simply publish raw images.

Our Team

Richard Gill
Founder / Director / Photographer / Editor
I am one of the UK's official Street View photographers.
After a fruitful start to my media career working for the likes of the BBC and Sky; by sheer luck I found myself touring Europe on behalf of Google Maps directly.
Five years later I discovered my calling in life, and I saw an opportunity to help businesses of all sizes, as well as take on global projects.
I began to develop Go Virtual UK and it wasn't long before people were taking a real interest in what I was doing. I created several Street View tours of my own using what I had learned at Google, and proved to the world how effective it was in terms of a marketing strategy.
We've developed massively in a very short space of time, especially at the dawn of 2020, and the projects ahead I find very exciting to be a part of.
Contact me:
Natalie Rudeck
My name is Natt, I am a freelance photographer based in the North West of England, UK.
My career in photography officially started in 2017 after studying and working within the music industry.
Since then I have worked with a variety of successful brands around the UK, but found my niche within venue and interior photography. My passion is to create an image that captures the atmosphere of the venue.


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